Our Gardens


The Estate is a five-acre working woodland that embraces the pure beauty of nature, complemented by more manicured, thoughtful garden spaces that create an atmosphere of peace and serenity. It is all presented for your satisfaction and enjoyment.

Potager Garden

Our raised-bed vegetable garden is full of Nature’s Bounty to share with our guests.

Cut Flower Garden

A floral array filled with a variety of blooms that make perfect, fragrant bouquets for our guest rooms.

Fire Pit Garden

As you feel the warmth of our fire pit, you can take in the visual beauty of the surrounding gardens, the perfect end to any evening.

Meditation Garden

The most magical place on the property, the lush plantings in the Mediation Garden create a world for you to relax and open your mind in the midst of quiet, unobtrusive beauty.

Bear’s Lair under new ownership.

Name changed to Washington Woodland Estate.