Fitness Trail


The Fitness Trail was developed to support guests during their stay, and to enhance the existing woodland environment. The 170 yard trail offers guests a variety of options for physical activity and exercise via our four hand crafted stations, including an area for stretching and meditation.

Station #1 Pull-up Bar

Hang from the bar, using the step-up logs as needed and slowly pull yourself up so that your chin reaches the bar.

Station #2 Parallel Bar

Grab the bars and suspend your body with your arms straight and your torso held upright. Keep elbows close to your body as you inhale and lower yourself by bending your elbows.

Station #3 Body Row Incline

Face upward for for the body-row, grasp bar, legs extended or knees bent with feet secure on the ground. Inhale and pull your chest up to the bar. Exhale and lower your body back to starting position.

Station #4 Sit-Ups

The two benches allow for either an inclined sit-up, or a flat bench sit-up. You can also utilize them for a close-grip push-up on either the incline or flat surface.

Bear’s Lair under new ownership.

Name changed to Washington Woodland Estate.